Jessica (known as Jessie) founded Sky Blue English in 2012 and has been teaching English for 10 years. She is a dedicated professional teacher who focusses on the specific needs of clients and gives them the skills required to communicate confidently and fluently in English.

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"I always seem to use the same words in English, I can't develop my ideas."
"My boss has asked me to give a presentation - in English. Help!"

"I always seem to mix up the past simple and the present perfect."

"My fluency is okay, but I want to be more accurate."

"I'm not sure which conditional to use in English."

"There are just so many phrasal verbs - where do I begin?"

Do you ever think like this? 

Through Skype classes, we will explore the questions you have, 

giving you more confidence as a communicator and helping you develop 

your level of English for socialising, daily interactions, business, exams, or whatever else you require it for. 

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Agnes (known as Aggie), our youngest staff member, is a great conversationalist and very approachable. Her lessons are engaging and lively, enabling you to improve your spoken English in a relaxed manner.