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  • Having lessons through Skype is easy and convenient. You can have classes at home, in your office, in a cafe and even when you are on holiday!

  • Book lessons with us Monday - Sunday. Each teacher has a different timetable but remember that there might be a time difference.

  • It is important to have good internet connection and to be somewhere quiet.

  • Although you can use your phone, It is best to use a computer so that you can view files at the same time.

  • Most clients say that learning through Skype is very effective and just like having a face to face lesson.


How to get started...

Download Skype if you do not already have it.

  • Make sure you have a camera and head phones.

  • Check if your internet is fast enough for Skype video calls.

  • Book an initial class with one of us

  • Let us know what your username is and we will connect with you.

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