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I've been teaching English since 2007 and over the last 9 years I've learnt how to help my clients improve their language skills quickly and effectively. Having classes with me is an investment in your future, whether you want to improve your English for work or pleasure. 

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My story

I grew up in North-east London and I have always enjoyed learning languages.

I learnt French at school but felt quite lost with the grammar and quite shy was speaking. When I was 16, I decided to enrol on a 1 year intensive Italian course with a teacher called Miss Lambert (I still remember her vivid red hair and her passion and enthusiasm). She gave us an Italian CD to listen to and told us to listen to it as much as possible – when we were in the tube, walking to school, in the bath etc etc. I followed her advice and found that it was really effective and so did the others. We all got A’s in the end of year exam.  I think it was at that point that something changed and I started to believe that it’s possible to learn foreign languages!


In 2007, I went on holiday with Josep, a great friend of mine. We went to Barcelona, his hometown and he was an excellent guide and I fell for the city. A few months later, I had moved there and enrolled on a TEFL course to learn how to teach English. I didn’t know any Spanish but was determined to learn. It was actually far harder than I thought it would be but I persevered and after 2 years I could speak quite well. The best thing was that I overcame the shyness that I had with French and just spoke without being worried if what I was saying was 100% correct. 

I went to group classes, had one-to-one classes and had Spanish flat mates. When I came back, it was great being able to chat to Josep in Spanish! I also discovered that I really enjoyed teaching English. I worked in various language schools while I was in Spain and taught both general and business English. I also did a lot of in-company teaching. It was a fantastic time and I really found that I was learning so much about the best strategies for learning a language.


I met my partner, Alessandro, in London 2011. He's from Sardinia and so I decided to return to learning Italian. I'm still in the early stages but I have a great teacher and I've also learnt so much from doing language exchanges.

I set up my own business teaching English as a second language in 2012 and haven’t looked back since then….



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