Improve your confidence

  • You’ll start feeling much more confident as you’ll be practising English in a very nurturing, supportive environment.

  • Rather than just pointing out errors, we like to tell clients when they are speaking well and using new vocab and grammar structures correctly.

  • As the classes are 1-1 and tailored just for you we will focus on areas that you want to improve.

  • As well as pushing you, we will encourage you and be there to answer any questions and doubts that you have.

  • We will give you strategies so that you feel happy and confident when speaking English in any situation.

  •  If required, we will spend time building your confidence and changing your mindset about language learning.

Become more fluent


  • We’ll encourage you to speak as much as possible during the classes (if you want to focus on fluency)

  • We’ll  ask you to summarise a chapter of a book, a radio programme, an article etc in each class

  • Through speaking English on a regular basis, your fluency will start improving and you'll hesitate less between words.

  • We'll give you ideas for ways that you can improve your ability to communicate well between the classes. 

  • We'll help you to learn new vocabulary so that you have words to hand when you need them.

  • We'll revise vocabulary that you already know, so that you understand the meanings of the words better and are more able to use them.

perfect your pronunciation

  • We'll teach you the phonetic alphabet

  • Create a notebook with lists of words that have the same sounds

  • We'll practise certain sounds and we'll guide you so that you know how how to make these sounds. You might not have some sounds in your own language.

  • We'll recommend resources that you can use to practise at home

  • When you are speaking during the classes, we'll make a note of words that are being mispronounced and we then practise the correct pronunciation together.

  • As your pronunciation improves, your confidence will soar as people understand everything that you say.



  • We believe that grammar is very important, as it is the structure of the language.

  • We have collected many grammar exercises from different sources so you will have a lot of different exercises to do for each grammar point.

  • We'll teach you rules and patterns that will help you understand how English grammar works. This will make you feel more comfortable and confident about your English in general.

  • We teach grammar and then we practise what you have learnt with fun oral exercises.

  • We think that it is important not to rush with grammar and we like to keep practising grammar points until you feel comfortable using them.

Expand your vocabulary


  • We decide on a set amount of new words that you will learn each week.

  • We create sentences to test you on new vocabulary at the beginning of the lessons if necessary. We'll also encourage you to create sentences with your new words.

  • We encourage you to keep a small notebook or a google doc for new words.

  • We'll regularly check your new words to ensure that you are learning common words that are regularly used.

  • Flashcards are a great way to learn new vocabulary and we'll show you how to use a digital flashcard app.

  • You can improve your vocabulary through reading and listening as much as possible and we’ll support you in this by suggesting material that is the right level.

Do lots of homework

  • Homework is extremely important and we’ll set you a lot of homework so that you can use the time that you have between classes as much as possible.

  • Studying between lessons, will dramatically improve the rate at which you improve so we'll help you as much as I can to stay motivated.

  • Homework should not ever be boring so we'll set you exercises that you find interesting and stimulating.

  • We like making homework quite varied so that it is interesting and engaging.

  • We'll discuss subjects that you find interesting so that some your homework can be based around that.

  • Listening is a great way to improve and and we'll suggest audio material that you can listen to for homework.


A plan of action

  • We'll create a plan with smart, measurable goals. The plan can be based the area/areas that you want to improve. For example, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc. 

  • We will discuss what you want to achieve and have specific targets to aim for.

  • Tick off what you have achieved to keep you motivated. You'll feel a sense of achievement when you see what you have achieved.

  • We can add dates by which goals need to be achieved if it helps you to stay motivated.

  • We'll change the plan if necessary so that it always reflects what you want to achieve.

  • We can keep the plan on a Google Doc so that it is easy to edit. I'll also give you a paper copy.