Jo Faith Habershon


Jo is a patient and caring teacher who will help you achieve your goals in English. Rapport is one of her strengths - helping you feel comfortable and building confidence in your language production. She is also a professional actress and brings some creative ideas into the classes, which many students have really enjoyed.

She  focuses on the four skills - Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening - generally with an emphasis on conversation practice 


Jo has been teaching English for 7.5 years. She worked at a busy language school in central London, teaching both General English courses and exam courses. 


  • Delta Teacher training. 2013. (gaining a distinction in designing a course combining language teaching through drama.) 

  • Celta Teacher training certificate. 2010.

  • The Poor School. 2004-2006. 2 Year Actors Training.

  • Central School of Speech and Drama. 2001-2002. MA Theatre Practice.

First class

In one-to-one sessions, I will begin with a needs analysis to focus on your aims and requirements. It is useful for you to try and think about where you really want or need to improve, and then be able to set realistic goals. I will also try to suggest other resources or websites to help you learn.

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I like lessons to be fun and will try to get you talking as much as possible, (unless of course your aim isn't speaking!) I have listed a few suggestions of things you might want to focus on in a lesson:

  • Idioms focused on a particular topic.

  • Phrasal verbs (there are 1000's!)

  • IELTS speaking exam practice.

  • Reading literature or a play.

  • Functional language for... travel / shopping.

  • Sending a letter / email of complaint.

  • Job interview practice - with language input to help.

  • Listening to a TED talk (prior to the lesson) then using comprehension questions to discuss the content.

  • Learning natural English phrases / words used in everyday exchanges.

  • Learning about and practising contracted speech.

  • A writing task for an exam.


Initial class 

1 hour classes

1 hour = £37.26

5 x 1 hour = £179.40 ( £35.88 per hour)

10 x 1 hour = £345 ( £34.50 per hour)


30 minute classes

30 mins = £22.35

5 x 30 mins  = £107.64 ( £21.52 per 30 mins)

10 x 30 mins = £207 ( £20.70 per 30 mins)