Book some classes with Agnes Martin through Skype.

I have trained her up in my method and I have had some great feedback about her method. 

  • Improve your general fluency

  • Master pronunciation

  • Practise grammar structures and vocabulary

  • Start feeling much more confident about your English

Please ask me if you would like some more information or if you would like to book a trial class. 


Initial class ( 30 mins ) - £7

1 hour classes

1 hour = £22.10

5 x 1 hour = £103.50 ( £20.70 per hour)

10 x 1 hour = £193.20 ( £19.32 per hour)


30 minute classes

30 mins = £13.35

5 x 30 mins  = £62.10 ( £12.42 per 30 mins)

10 x 30 mins = £115.90 ( £11.59 per 30 mins)


30 minute classes


1 hour classes                   



 Sheveleva Svetlana, RUSSIA

Sheveleva Svetlana, RUSSIA

I have had more than 10 skype classes with Aggie.  The main task of each lesson was the development of my speaking’s skills.  I summarized one chapter of the book each lesson. Aggie helped me choose right words and idioms to retold story in elegant forms.  My young teacher was smart and knowledgeable. She opened me the real English for every day life. We also read together some paragraphs of the text to correct mу pronunciation errors. All of those exercises were helpful to improve my English. Thank you Aggie for excellent classes.  

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Aggie encourages me to improve my prononciation in a positive and constructive way by reinforcing what I was doing well and by explaining how to change what was incorrect. She was very receptive and adapted the class along the way to better fit my need. During the class Aggie kept the lesson lively, it was a real pleasure to attend it!