Let's talk about....love


Valentine's day is fast-approaching and the shops are hotting up. Today I passed numerous makeshift stands bursting with red roses and heart-shaped helium balloons. Personally, I'm a fan and I think it's great that there's one day in the year that we can be as lovey-dovey as we want and go all out on the romance front. I also like the fact  that whether you're a love stricken soul or just have a crush on someone, you can send a card and declare your love anonymously. I read in the paper that a school in Somerset tried to ban Valentine's cards and there was an uproar among the children (and their parents)! So....are you a hopeless romantic or do you think it's all a load of over commercialised codswallop?



  • fast approaching (adj)

About to happen

  • to hot up (phrasal verb)

Things are starting to happen

  • makeshift (adj.)

Something that is made quickly/ temporary

  • bursting (adj.)

Very full

  • helium (noun)

A gas that is lighter than air

  • lovey-dovey (adj.)

Showing a lot of affection and being very romantic

  • go all out (phrase)

To do something in an extreme way

  • the ...front (phrase - slang)

Regarding something (e.g regarding romance)

  • love sicken soul (phrase)

Suffering because of love

  • a crush (noun)

A feeling of love/desire for someone

  • to declare (verb)

To tell someone something

  • anonymously (adj.)

To do something concealing your identity

  • to ban (verb)

To say that something isn't allowed

  • an uproar (noun)

When a lot of people complain about something

  • a hopeless romantic (phrase)

A very romantic person

  • over commercialized (adj.)

Too much about money and making a profit

  • codswallop (noun)

Something that is silly, nonsense