dustin final

I'm sure that you have all seen the great American actor, Dustin Hoffman in films such as The Graduate, Tootsie and Rainman. He was interviewed on the BBC radio programme Desert Island Discs. Below is some of the vocab with definitions.

in spite of …         used for referring to a fact that makes something else surprising

landmark               a major event or achievement

rare                        not common

contradictory         Things that disagree with each other and cannot both or all be true

the hits                     a film, play, or show that is very successful and popular

to keep coming        continued

a handful                    several

unparalleled               the best of a particular kind

a body of work           a large amount of work

topped                        to be better or more impressive than something else

billing                          the way in which a performer or an event is advertised

directorial debut        the first time that a director or sports player appears in public

poignant                      giving you feelings of sadness

apposite                       relevant and appropriate to what is happening or being discussed

to break through          to successfully deal with something

a way out                       an exit

demons                        things that worry someone or make them unhappy

a freak accident          extremely unusual and unexpected

to earn money             to make a living

entitled                         to deserve something

push the envelope (American)     to go beyond the limits of what was thought possible

eulogy                          a speech at a funeral about the person who has died

the first act                   the first part of a film/play

notoriously                  famous for something bad

foul mouthed              to use swear words ‘bad words’ when speaking

to talk clean                not to use swear words ‘bad words’ when speaking

to jump rope (American)               to skip

earphones                    a piece of electronic equipment to listen to recorded music

heels                             high heeled shoes

a lifetime                      whole life

to figure out                 to be able to understand something or to solve a problem

What humbled me…     to feel less important or proud because of something that has been

achieved or suffered by someone else

raised                             to take care of children while they are growing up

guided                           to help someone to make decisions or judgments about something

cement (in song)           grey building material

spiritual                          religious, or related to religious issues

delusions of grandeur       a belief that you are more important than you really are

the freeways (Am)            motorways

a shovel                            a tool for digging up earth

a lot of drive                    to be very motivated

a prop man                      to be in charge of props (objects used in film/tv/theatre)

a set decorator                to be in charge of decorating the set

put it together                  to assemble something

a loser                              someone who loses/ doesn’t win

to look away                     to look the other way

thwarted                           to prevent someone from doing something that they want to do

to say the least                used for saying that you could have expressed something in a much                                                         stronger way. 

neighbourhood                 area that you live in

therapist                          a professional that help you with emotional problems

bankrupt                           a person or business that is bankrupt has officially admitted that they have                                                no money and cannot pay what they owe

improve his lot                 someone’s general situation in life, especially when this is not very good

school records                  school reports

sickly                                  ill

the way they parented..     the way they looked after him

barely                                   not really

imperative                           extremely important and urgent

repress/suppress                not to show feelings

traumas                                emotional difficulties

work through them              to solve a problem by talking about it

ugly                                        bad looking

crucible                                  an environment that is very dangerous, difficult, or exciting

what gave you the nerve?     What gave you the courage?

flunks (to flunk)                       to fail at a test/course

flew by                                      To go past very quickly

funding                                       money that a government or organisation provides for a specific                                                                purpose

tense                                           Not relaxed

burst out crying                          To start crying suddenly

refrigerator                                  fridge

kicked out of                               to be told to leave (usually school, college)

naturalistic                                  similar to how people are in daily life

they couldn’t get rid of me         they couldn’t make me leave

the beat generation                     A group of authors in 1950s America

auditions                                       a short performance in which you sing, dance, or act so that                                                                        someone can decide if you are good enough to perform in a                                                                       particular play, concert etc

a shaky sense of your own worth     insecure

to resume                                       to continue

8 by 10                                               8” x 10”

acne                                               spots on the face

a glance                                         to look quickly at something

a way in                                          an entrance

a pun                                              a joke

making out with (American)         having sex with

an upright piano                          a tall narrow piano

singularly                                      in a noticeable way

a castaway                                   someone who is left on an island or beach

disaffected                                    a disaffected member of a group or organisation no longer feels any                                                        loyalty towards it

break the record                            to do better than others

sublime                                            extremely good or beautiful

unkempt                                          untidy

humourless                                      without any humour/fun

glum                                                   unhappy

clammy                                              cold and wet in an unpleasant way

shipped                                              transported by ship

miscast                                               to give a part in a play or film to an actor who is not suitable for it

perception                                           a particular way of understanding or thinking about something

offensive                                            unpleasant or insulting, and likely to make people upset or                                                                         embarrassed

mixed reviews                                     different types of reviews

cretin                                                    a uneducated person

phenomenon                                      an event or situation that can be seen to happen or exist

up tempo                                             up-tempo music has a fast beat

turn something around                     to change something

diversity                                              the fact that very different people or things exist

unlikely                                                not likely to happen

a rut                                                  a situation that is boring and difficult to change

pinnacle                                              the most successful or exciting part of someone’s life

I don’t recall                                       I don’t remember

the spine                                           back bone

scared shitless                                 extremely frightened

profound                                            deep

nest                                                    a home

diligence                                         hard work

stray                                                  to move away from the correct place or path

frivolous                                           silly

we’ve got to move on                    we have to change subject

pre dawn                                          before sunrise

treasured                                         very special

a endless supply                            a never ending amount of something