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There are some parts of London that I love and other parts that I'm not so keen on. Soho is in the former group and I don't think I'll ever get bored of it. For me,it's one of the gems of London and I feel that it's one of the only places that has stayed more or less the same since my childhood. It's a real mishmash of new and old and manages to be trendyhip and sophisticated as well as seedy, grimy and gritty. It's great strolling down its streets in the early evening buzz as people are milling around and the pubs and restaurants are just starting to fill up.


  • To be keen on  (phrasal verb)                    

To like something

  • former  (pronoun)                                        

When two things are mentioned, this refers to the first.

  • A gem (noun)                                              

Something that is special.

  • A mishmash   (noun)                                  

A mix of different things

  • trendy (adj.)                                                

Fashionable and up to date

  • hip (adj.)                                                      

Cooler than cool

  • seedy (adj.)                                                  

Connected with activities that are illegal or morally wrong  

  • grimy (adj.)                                                  

Very dirty

  • gritty (adj.)                                                    

Showing life as it is, even when it is not pleasant.

  • To stroll down  (phrasal verb)                    

To walk in a relaxed way

  • A buzz (noun)                                              

A lively, positive and exciting atmosphere

  • To mill around (phrasal verb)                      

When groups of people move around an area with no particular purpose.

  • To fill up (phrasal verb)                                

To start becoming busy