As cold as ice!

ice bar copy

When we got to the entrance, we were told that there were sub-zero temperatures inside. It was Alessandro's birthday earlier this week and we'd decided to go to the Ice Bar, just off Regent's Street. We were kitted out in huge padded capes with fluffy hoods and big black gloves. It was like walking through a wardrobe into a Narnia-esque land, another world that seemed far away from the alley we had just walked down. There were huge glistening blocks, beautifully carved into decorative panels and even the tumblers, that we were sipping our cocktails from, were made of ice!



  • sub-zero  (adj.)                                                      

Temperatures lower than zero

  • just off  (phrase)                                                    


  • to be kitted out (phrasal verb - passive)              

To be given clothes for an activity

  • padded   (adj.)                                                        

Filled with a soft material

  • A cape (noun)                                                        

A piece of clothing that doesn't have sleeves and hangs from the shoulders

  • fluffy (adj.)                                                              

A soft material, like soft hair or feathers

  • A hood (noun)                                                        

Part of a coat or jacket that covers your head

  • Narnia (noun)                                                          

A fictional place in the book, 'The Chronicles of Narnia' by C.S Lewis

  • -esque (suffix)                                                          

Used with some nouns to say that something is similar

  • An alley  (noun)                                                        

A narrow passageway between buildings

  • glistening (adj)                                                        

Shining (something that is wet)

  • A block (noun)                                                          

A large, solid piece of hard material

  • A panel (noun)                                                          

A flat piece of hard material (on a wall etc)

  • A tumbler (noun)                                                      

A drinking glass that does not have a handle or stem

  • To sip  (verb)                                                            

To drink, in small amounts