Jazzy tunes

jam in a jar
jam in a jar

It was my friend Kathy's birthday on Saturday and she arranged a get-together in a bar called 'Jam in a Jar' in Tottenham.  The weather was abysmal and the bar was on the other side of London so I could have happily stayed curled up at home on the sofa. Nevertheless, I dragged myself out and I was glad I did because it was a great night when I got there. Tottenham doesn't have much in the way of trendy bars so it was absolutely jam packed. There was a great live band playing upbeat, jazzy tunes and it was good to sample the deliciously, potent cocktails and have a bit of  boogie!


  • a get-together (noun)                            

When friends or family meet up

  • a Jam (noun)                                            

This word has two meanings. It can be a preserve (like strawberry jam) or an occasion when musicians play together informally

  • abysmal  (adj.)  


  • curled up (phrasal verb)                        

To sit in a comfortable position with your legs up

  • drag yourself out  (phrasal verb)        

To make yourself go somewhere when you don't feel like going

  • not to have much in the way of (phrase)

Not to have much of something

  • jam-packed (adj.)                                      

Very busy

  • upbeat (adj.)                                              

Happy and positive

  • tunes (noun)                                              

A song/ a piece of music

  • potent (adj.)                                              

Powerful/ alcoholic

  • boogie (noun)                                            

A dance