The Brexit Debate


Everyone’s talking about Brexit. So what’s it all about? ‘Brexit’ is shorthand for ‘Britain’s exit’, blending the two words and referring to the idea that we will break away from the EU. Cameron has announced that there will be a referendum in June for the British people to cast their vote. Personally, I’m anti as I feel that we are better off sticking with our neighbours, working together and focussing on strengthening the 28 nation bloc.  From what I’ve read, no one quite knows what will happen if we pull out and future would be very uncertain. The ‘Brexists’, on the other hand, argue that our country would have more control and less red tape. What do you think? Leave a comment below….



  • shorthand (noun)

A shorter way of writing something

  • to blend (verb)

To combine two things together

  • to refer to  (verb + prep )

To be about something

  • break away  (phrasal verb)

To leave a club, organization or group

  • to announce  (verb)

To make a public or official statement

  • a referendum (noun)

An occasion in which citizens of a country can vote about a particular subject.

  • to cast a vote (phrase)

Vote in an election

  • anti (adj.)

To be against something

  • better off (adj)

To be in a better situation. (This adj. has two meanings, it can also mean to have more money.)

  • to stick with (adj.)

To stay/remain with

  • the bloc (noun)

A group of countries with the same political aims that  work together

  • to pull out (phrasal verb)

To leave

  • red tape (noun)

Official rules, documents and processes that cause delays