Using the word 'though' when speaking


Ok here we go. I've wanted to write a blog about how to use the word 'though' for a while but I've had to think about how I actually use this word.  

I use 'though' like the word 'however' as an adverb at the end of a sentence or in the middle if I want to say something that expresses a contrasting idea or fact.

- Are you coming to the party?

- No, I can't make it. See you soon, though.

- How was the journey?

- It was long. I got a lot of work done though as there weren't any distractions!

To offset a negative statement with something positive


to offset a positive statement with something negative.

If I have just answered in a negative way, I might use 'though' to express a more positive idea. It can be also be used the other way

- Can you pick me up?

- Yea..that's fine. I might be a bit late though as I won't get out of work until 7.

After thinking quite a lot about it I realised that I don't use it instead of 'although' as it says in some grammar books. I actually don't use 'although' at all in my everyday chitchat.