Turkish delight

turkish meat

We came across a wonderful Turkish restaurant on the day we moved to our new flat and just keep going back! The meat is cooked on red hot coals and is so tender and tasty, it just melts in the mouth (sorry if there are any veggies reading!) The tantalizing smell of  barbecued meat wafts out into the street drawing you in and the restaurant is always packed! It can be difficult to get a seat but luckily we've  never been turned away.


to come across (phrasal verb)                              

To find           

keep (verb)                                                              

To continue to do something

coal (noun)                                                              

A hard black substance used as fuel

tender (adj.)                                                            

Meat that is easy to cut and eat (not tough)

tasty (adj.)                                                                

Food that tastes very good

tantalizing (adj.)                                                        

Something that is hard to resist

barbecued (adj.)                                                        

Cooked on a BBQ         

to waft out (phrasal verb)                                          

To float through the air

to draw in  (phrasal verb)                                          

To make you want to go into a place

packed (adj.)                                                              

Full of people

to be turned away (phrasal verb - passive)              

To be told that you can't go into a place