A South Downs Walk


I love walking and last Saturday I met up with an old friend and we did a 10 mile walk on the South Downs from Hassocks to Lewis. It was a beautiful sunny day and we followed the footpath up and down hills, through woods, over fields and past hedgerows. We walked uphill towards a white windmill and then along a ridge with a fantastic, panoramic view inland. It was great when we caught a glimpse of the sea and the chalk cliffs near Lewis.


  • An old friend (noun)                          

A friend that you have known for many years.

  • A footpath (noun)                              

A path used for walking

  • A hill (noun)                                      

A naturally raised area of land that is smaller than a mountain.

  • A wood (noun)                                  

An area with lots of tress that is smaller than a forest.

  • A field (noun)                                    

A grassy area of land where there are often sheep or cows.

  • A hedgerow (noun)                            

A line of bushes.

  • Uphill (adj.)                                        

Towards the top of a hill         

  • A windmill (noun)                              

A building with sails (see the picture)

  • Inland  (adj.)                                      

Away from the coast

  • To catch a glimpse of (phrase)        

To see something

  • Chalk (noun)                                      

A soft, white type of stone

  • Cliffs (noun)                                        

A steep rock face, usually by the sea.