Turn up, tone up

our parks

Recently I’ve been taking advantage of the free exercise classes that are on offer  in parks across the city. It’s a fantastic initiative called 'Our Parks' that is now operating in five London boroughs. The organisation has been awarded council funding, competing against other local groups and I think it's great that they have been successful so far. Their motto is ‘Turn upTone up’ and they offer a range of classes to get in shape and work out.


  • To take advantage of (phrase)                    

To make use of a situation                  

  • On offer (phrase)                                          

To be available

  • An initiative (noun)                                      

An act or strategy intended to improve a situation

  • A borough (noun)                                        

A district in a city

  • To be awarded (Verb - passive)                  

To be given

  • Funding (noun)                                          

Money from a government or an organisation

  • Motto (noun)                                              

A short statement that expresses beliefs or ideals        

  • To turn up (phrasal verb)                          

To arrive

  • To tone up  (phrasal verb)                        

To make your muscles firmer and and healthier

  • To get in shape (phrase)                        

To become physically fit

  • To work out (phrasal verb)                      

To do physical exercise