What's going on in Greece

greek flag

I’ve been reading about what is going on in Greece so I thought that I would write about that this week. I feel for the Greek people that have been queuing up at cash points because of the limit on withdrawals.   On Monday, Eurozone leaders came to a new bailout deal so that Greece will not have to leave the Euro. They will, however, have to stick with the tough austerity measures.


  • To go on (phrasal verb)                

To happen

  • To feel for (phrasal verb)              

To sympathise with

  • To queue up (phrasal verb)          

To wait in a line

  • A cashpoint (noun)                      

The bank machines that gives you money when you enter your card. 

  • A withdrawal (noun)                      

The process of taking money out of the bank

  • To come to (phrasal verb)              

To reach a decision                     

  • A bailout (noun)                              

The money that someone gives to a person, organisation or country to alleviate financial problems

  • To stick with (noun)                        

To stay with something.

  • Austerity  (noun)  

A policy that is introduced by a government  to reduce spending by a large amount.                         


  • Fill in the missing words

  • They are all from the glossary above

  • Try not too look at the glossary (learn the words before you do the quiz)

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