Can you talk about weddings?

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My brother, Daniel, got married recently and I now have a beautiful, Russian sister-in-law called Vera. They tied the knot in the New Forest and it was a magical, fairytale wedding. My brother charmed his in-laws by doing a speech in Russian and we were all tickled pink by the anecdotes that the two Best Men shared with us! The Bridesmaids created a hilarious video of the hen night and we all danced the night away.


  • To get married (adj.)                                

To be joined in marriage

  • sister-in-law (noun)                                  

The wife of your brother

  • To tie the knot (phrase)                          

To get married

  • Fairytale (adj.)                                          

A type of short story

  • To charm (verb)                                        

To please or delight other people

  • In-laws (noun)                                          

People that you are related to through marriage

  • To be tickled pink (phrase)                    

To laugh at something/ to be amused/ pleased

  • An anecdote (noun)                                

A story

  • Best Man (noun)                                      

A Male friend that helps the groom at his wedding

  • Bridesmaids (noun)                                

Female friends that help the bride at her wedding

  • Hilarious (adj.)                                        

Extremely funny

  • Hen night (noun)                                    

The party that a woman has before she gets married

  • To dance the night away(phrase)          

To dance all night


  • Fill in the missing words

  • They are all from the glossary above

  • Try not too look at the glossary (learn the words before you do the quiz)

  • If you need a clue, click on the little 'note' symbol.