Sizzling hot!

me swimming

Last week there was a heatwave in the UK and temperatures have soared to 36 degrees. It was absolutely sweltering so me and Alessandro decided to get out of London and headed west to a little village near Maidenhead. We cooled off by having a quick dip in The Thames (before it hits London) and had a lovely lazy day sunbathing and reading on the banks of the river.


  • a heatwave (noun)               

A period of very hot weather

  • to soar (verb)                      

To increase to a high level

  • sweltering (Adj.)                   

Extremely hot

  • to get out of (phr. verb)       

To leave

  • to head (verb)                      

To go in a particular direction.

  • to cool down (verb)                

To become cooler

  • a dip (noun)                           

A swim

  • to hit (verb)                            

To reach a place

  • a bank (noun)

The area of ground beside a river.


  • Fill in the missing words

  • They are all from the glossary above

  • Try not too look at the glossary (learn the words before you do the quiz)

  • If you need a clue, click on the little 'note' symbol.

  • Remember to change the tense if necessary