A visit to the opticians


Sometimes I can be quite forgetful and I lost my glasses last week. As I needed a new pair of specs, I decided to try out a new opticians. I went for an eye test on Saturday. I am short-sighted and have an astigmatism so I require quite particular lenses. There were so many frames and I think I tried on every pair in the shop! In the end, I went for some chestnut coloured frames and after a week of blurry vision, it's wonderful to see clearly again!

eye test


  • forgetful (adj.)                      

Somebody who frequently forgets things.

  • specs (noun)                          

An informal word for glasses.

  • to try out (phr. verb)              

To test something to see what it's like.

  • an eye test (noun)                  

An examination of the eyes.

  • short sighted (noun)              

When you can't see things that are far away.

  • an astigmatism (noun)          

A condition in which someone's eyes cannot focus correctly.

  • lenses (noun)                        

Curved pieces of glass that makes things bigger, smaller or clearer.

  • frames (noun)                       

The part of a pair of glasses that holds the lenses.

  • to try on (phr. verb)              

To put on a piece of clothing or an object (like glasses).

  • chestnut (adj)                        

A nut that is a red/brown colour.

  • blurry (adj.)                            

Out of focus.



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