Flats, agents and overgrown hedges

This week me and my boyfriend have been flat hunting so I thought I'd write about that. We've found a lovely first floor flat to rent in a leafy area in the outskirts of London. It is a typical London terraced house, built with London bricks. Fortunately, we'll have access to the garden and once we've unpacked we're going to trim the overgrown hedge at the front! The estate agents arranged so many viewings for us but in the end we felt that this was the best deal and we're looking forward to moving in!

moving house london


flat hunting (noun)                          

Looking for a flat

leafy (adjective)                              

An area that is quite green with lots of trees and plants

outskirts (noun)                              

At the edge of a city, not in the centre.

a terraced house (noun)                  

A row of similar houses joined together on both sides.

bricks (noun)                                     

A building block, usually brown, yellow or red.

to trim (verb)                                    

To cut 

overgrown (adjective)                      

When a plant has grown uncontrollably  

a hedge (noun)                                  

A line of bushes 

estate agents (noun)                        

People who rent/sell property.  

viewings (noun)                                  

When you look at a house or flat 

to move in (phrasal verb)                  

To start living in a different house or flat



  • Fill in the missing words

  • They are all from the glossary above

  • Try not too look at the glossary (learn the words before you do the quiz)

  • If you need a clue, click on the little 'note' symbol.