My New Year's resolution

New Year's resolution_learn_English

This year my New Year’s resolution is to organise and tidy all my belongings. I’ve just read Marie Kondo’s book, ‘The Life-changing magic of Tidying-up’ and I’m actually very excited about having clear surfaces, neatdrawers and most importantly the peace of mindthat comes with living in a well ordered space. Some of you are probably surprised that such a book exists but it’s actually sold more than 6 million copies worldwide! Marie has taken the world by stormand has a cult following. Her method is all about going through your things, by category and asking yourself if each item sparks joy. She believes that many of us hold onto far too much stuff and it is much better to just let things go. So…that’s my goal for 2017. What’s yours? Do you have any resolutions? Let me know in the comments section below...


1. A New year's resolution (phrase)
A goal that you have at the beginning of the year
2. to tidy/tidy up (verb) 
To organise your possessions. 'Tidy' and 'tidy up' have the same meaning. The preposition 'up' implies that you tidy everything.
3. belongings (noun)
The things that you own
4. surfaces (adj.)
The top of a table, desk or cabinet. This word also has other meanings.
5. neat (adj.)
Arranged in an organised way
6. peace of mind (phrasal verb)
To feel calm
7. well ordered (adv + adj.)
8. to take something by storm (phrase)
To be very popular/ successful
9. a cult following (verb - passive)
To have a huge group of fans
10. to go through (verb - old fashioned)
To look at things one by one. This phrasal verb also has other meanings.
11. to spark (verb)
To make someone feel something. This word comes from 'a spark', from a fire. It has different meanings.
12. to hold onto (phrasal verb)
To keep
13. let something go (phrasal verb)
To allow something to leave. This phrasal verb also has other meanings.