Christmas is in the air...


Christmas is in the air and the countdown to the 25th is on. I love walking past all the xmastrees on my way home - there’s the humungous22-metre Norwegian sprucein Trafalgar Square and then all the little ones that light upthe windows of houses in my road. We’re getting ours on Monday and I’m looking forward to decorating it and putting prezzies underneath. The other day, I was reading about how Christmas was bannedin the 17th century! People had been used to celebrating pretty much as we do. They used to decktheir houses with evergreens, eat mince pies, drink a special aleand generally indulgeand have fun. The Puritansthought that there was too much merry-making so they tried to stamp out the festivities! Thankfully people rebelled, caused riots and by 1660, Christmas was back witha vengeance !


1. to be in the air (phrase)
If something is in the air, many people feel excited about something
2. a countdown (noun) 
When you count the days until something happens.
3. xmas (noun- informal)
A short way of saying Christmas
4. humungous (adj.)
Very large and impressive
5. spruce (noun)
A tall tree that is used as a Christmas tree
6. light up (phrasal verb)
To make something brighter
7. prezzies (noun - informal)
An abbreviation of presents
8. to to banned (verb - passive)
To say that something is not allowed
9. deck (verb - old fashioned)
To decorate something
10. evergreens (noun)
A tree or plant that stays green all year
11. a mince pie (noun)
A traditional sweet Christmas pie filled with dried fruit etc
12. ale (noun)
13. indulge (verb)
To allow yourself to do something that you enjoy, particularly something that might be bad for you.
14. Puritans (noun)
Members of a strict religious group that existed in the 16th & 17th centuries.
15. merry-making (noun)
Having fun
16. stamp out (phrasal verb)
To end something/ stop something from happening
17. festivities (noun)
Activities or events to celebrate a special day/days.
18. rebel  (verb)
To fight against something
19. a riot (noun)
When a group of people go into the streets and protest.
20. with a vengeance  (phrase)
In a strong way