Paddling in Poetto

I went to Sardinia last weekend with Alessandro and we stayed with his mum in a little town called Quartu, near Cagliari. As soon as we stepped off the plane, I noticed that it was milder and it was wonderfully light, as if someone had just turned up the dimmer switch! Despite being a few degrees warmer, It was still pretty chilly and I kept all my layers on.

My boyfriend’s mum spoilt us rotten and wouldn’t let me lift a finger! She cooked delicious meals for us and my favourite dish was the roast lamb that was just so succulent and tasty! On Saturday, the sun was out and we went to ‘Poetto’, the beach nearby. It was lovely and quiet – so different from the summer when it’s swarming with people swimming and sunbathing. We paddled in the sea, collected shells and lapped up the sunshine!


1. to step off (phrasal verb)
To move from a higher place to a lower place
2. milder (adj) 
Weather that is warmer
3. dimmer switch (noun)
A light switch that allows you to change how bright a light is.
4. Despite (preposition)
Another way of saying 'although'.
5. chilly (adj.)
Quite cold
6. layers (noun)
Clothes. If you have a few items of clothing on, you can describe them as layers.
7. to spoil rotten (phrase)
To be looked after very well and given everything that you could want
8. wouldn't let me lift a finger (phrase)
This means that she wouldn't let me help her
9. succulent (adj.)
Meat that is juicy and tastes good
10. tasty (adj.)
Something that tastes good
11. the sun was out (phrase)
To be sunny
12. swarming with (phrasal verb)
To be full of people. It can also be used for a place that is full of insects, especially bees.
13. to paddle (verb)
To walk in the shallow water without socks or shoes
14. a shell (noun)
A hard outer case that protects a sea creature that you can find on beaches.
15. to lap up (phrasal verb)
To enjoy something and want more of it