Happy Campers

Camping in Cookham

So…I mentioned that I was going to go camping last weekend and it was great! We stayed at one of Britain’s smallest campsites, which is located near Cookham, a really pretty village, full of rose-clad, wattle and daub cottages that’s just the epitome of Englishness! The site is incredibly picturesque, surrounded by hills and fields on one side, a canal on the other and lots of trees to camp under. My cousin’s car was absolutely packed to the gunwales so we camped in style with a kettle, digital radio and even ice and lime in our G&T! We swam in the river, chatted around the campfire, toasted marshmallows and watched the impromptu fireworks that seemed to have been set off just for us!



  • mention  (verb) 

To say something quickly, usually while you are talking about something else.

  • rose-clad (adj.)

Covered in roses

  • wattle and daub  (phrase)

A way that houses were built in the past with wood and clay - just think of traditional black and white tudor houses.

  • the epitome of (phrase)

The best example of something

  • picturesque (adj.)

A place that is very pretty and attractive

  • field (noun)

An area of land without trees that is used for animals or for growing food

  • packed/full to the gunwales (phrase)

To be completely full, without any space. The word 'gunwales' is pronounced 'gunnels'.

  • kettle (noun)

A container that is used for boiling water with electricity.

  • G & T (noun)

Gin and Tonic

  • campfire (noun)

A fire made when people are camping.

  • toasted marshmallows (noun)

A tradition in which you put marshmallows (sweets) on a skewer and put them near the flames of a fire so they melt.

  • impromptu (adj.)

Something that isn't planned or expected

  • set off (phrasal verb)

To make something explode