Our second home


Quite soon after we moved into our new flat, we discovered a wonderful

restaurant called Pizzeria Volare and it's become our go-to place if we feel like

eating out. It has a special atmosphere, which I think is down to the fact that

it's run by two warm, welcoming and super smiley Spanish sisters, Sila and

Virginia from Galicia. They were inspired by the love and passion their

Neapolitan great-grandfather had when he opened his own place in Argentina in

the 1920s. Having knowledge about both Italian and Spanish cuisine, they

decided to do both tapas and pizza. The pizza is made in a wood-fired oven and

the base is perfectly soft and pliable yet the crusts are charred and chewy. The

toppings are fresh and tasty with lashings of moreish, melted mozzarella

....mmm my mouth's watering just thinking about it!  Every now and again, they

have live music and sometimes the whole place erupts into dance. It's on those

evenings that we order tapas and feel like we've been whisked away to a Spanish

flamenco bar deep in the depths of EspaƱa!



  • go-to  (adj.) 

A person, place or organisation that is the best one to use to achieve something to eat out (phrasal verb)

  • To eat in a restaurant, bar etc

to be down to  (phrase)
used to explain the reason for something

  • smiley (adj)

If someone is smiley, they smile a lot

  • a wood-fired oven (adj + noun)

An oven in which wood is burnt

  • a base (noun)

The bottom of a pizza (the cooked dough). This word also has other meanings.

  • pliable (adjective)

Something that is flexible and can be bent.

  • a crust (noun)

The edge of a pizza. This word also has other meanings.

  • charred (adj.)

When this word is used about food, it has a positive meaning and means that the food is a blackened a little around the edges.

  • chewy (adjective)

Something that you chew (bite with your teeth) for a while before swallowing

  • lashings (noun)

A lot of something

  • moreish (adj. informal)

Food that you want to have more of

  • My/your/his/her etc mouth is watering (phrase)

To have salivate (have water in your mouth) because you want to eat. 

  • to erupt into dance (phrase)

When a lot of people start dancing

  • to be whisked away (phrasal verb- passive)

To be quickly taken somewhere (often unexpectedly)

  • deep in the depths of (phrase)

In the middle of a large place