A night in Brazil


Yesterday I went to a fun Brazilian event in Camden. Going there always takes me back

to when I was a teenager and exploring London ‘unchaperoned’ for the first time. I still

remember the excitement of going with a group of friends from primary school and

having hot chocolate with marshmallows on a cold winter’s day in the market. We must

have been about twelve but we felt so grown-up!  Later, I used to love going to gigs in

the pubs and music venues around there. Although very touristy now, I think it still has

a buzz about it and it was fun to be back in that part of town.
An amazing smell of smoked pork welcomed us as we entered Camden Market’s Middle

Yard and a DJ was getting the party started with distinctive Brazilian rhythms and

beats. We sipped our caipirinhas, danced cheek to cheek and decided that we should

definitely make a habit of going to more events like that.


  • to take someone back  (phrasal verb) 

To remind someone of a particular time in the past.

  • unchaperoned (adjective)

A chaperone is a women that used to accompany young girls to events but unchaperoned can also mean that someone is not accompanied by an adult in general (parents).

  • primary school (noun)

The name for the state school that children between the ages of 5 -11 go to in Britain.

  • marshmallow (noun)

A soft round sweet that is pink or white

  • grown-up (adj)

To be an adult, mature

  • a gig (noun)

When musicians play live, often in a small venue

  • touristy (adjective)

Somewhere with a lot of tourists.

  • a buzz (noun)

A feeling of excitement and energy

  • to get the party started (phrase)

To create an atmosphere in which people feel relaxed and in the mood to have fun

  • distinctive (adjective)

Something is special and easy to recognise

  • to sip (verb)

To drink something slowly

  • cheek to cheek (phrase)

To dance closely so that your cheeks are touching

  • to make a habit of (phrase)

To do something regularly