Writer's block


I couldn’t decide what to write about this week. An idea usually pops into my mind but this

week it didn’t. I pondered over the events of the week but nothing shouted out to me, saying

‘write about me!'

I considered using poetic licence to spice up something I'd done but soon decided against it. I

was stuck and perhaps my inner critic was working overtime in the quest to write something

‘original’. In the end, the idea came to me on the tube – why not just write about writer’s

block? It’s something that most of us suffer from at some point and it kind of interested me.  I

started scribbling some ideas down on a piece of scrap paper and suddenly I was on a roll.

 After doing a bit of research online, I discovered that there's lots of advice to get the creative

juices flowing. These include:  doing something active, changing your environment, brewing a

coffee and reading inspiring quotes. I think in the end the answer is just to start writing, even

writing about not knowing what to write!


  • to pop into (someone's mind)  (phrasal verb) 

To suddenly think of something.

  • to ponder over (phrasal verb)

To think about something carefully or for some time.

  • poetic licence (phrase)

The freedom to change facts when you are writing.

  • to spice up (phrasal verb)

To make something more exciting.

  • to be stuck (adj)

To be in a situation where you cannot do anything.

  • An inner critic (phrase)

A voice inside someone's mind that judges them and says that something is not good enough.

  • overtime (noun)

To work longer than normal.

  • quest (noun)

A search for something.

  • to scribble down (phrasal verb)

To write something quickly on paper.

  • scrap paper (noun)

Paper that has already been used that you keep to write notes on.

  • to be on a roll (phrase)

To have lots of ideas, good luck or success.

  • to get one's creative juices flowing (phrase)

To start having creative ideas.

  • to brew (verb)

To make tea or coffee. This verb also has other meanings.

  • a quote (noun)

To say or write words from another person (usually someone well-known).