Flying to work

walk to work covent garden

The weather has been glorious in London this week. There's been a heatwave

and apparently it's been hotter than Hawaii! Temperatures rocketed to 33

degrees, which is absolutely baking for London. I've just joined a coworking club

in the heart of the city and I've been enjoying my morning walk. I get the tube

to Covent Garden station and walk down Long Acre, St Martins Lane and

through Trafalgar Square. I usually listen to podcasts while I'm walking but this

week I've been listening to an audio book called 'Will it Fly', by American author

and entrepreneur, Pat Flynn. It's about how to start a business and it's chock-

full of actionable advice. Although I already have my own business, I often have

ideas about subprojects that I'd like to set up and this book is really a step -by-

step guide that outlines how to test out your idea before launching into it. It's

beyond doubt the best book that I have read about this subject and I

recommend reading (or listening to) it if you are self-employed or thinking of

taking the plunge and starting out on your own!



  • glorious (adjective)

Very good, wonderful

  • a heatwave (noun)

A period of time when the weather is very hot

  • to rocket (verb - informal)

To increase by a large amount

  • baking (adjective - informal)

Used to describe the weather when it is very hot. This word also has other meanings.

  • coworking (or co-working) (adj)

To work with other people. A coworking space is a place where you work and share with others.

  • in the heart of (phrase)

In the centre of

  • chock-full (adjective)

Completely full of something

  • actionable (adjective)

Something that can be acted on or done

  • subprojects (noun)

Small projects that exist within one main project. I couldn't find this in the dictionary but it is quite common.

  • set up (phrasal verb)

 To start, usually a business, organisation or institution. This phrasal verb also has other meanings.

  • step-by-step (phrase)

 Something that guides you and explains each stage of the process in a clear, simple way

  • to outline (verb)

 To show

  • test out (phrasal verb)

 To try something to see if it works

  • to launch into something (phrasal verb)

 To start something with a lot of enthusiasm

  • beyond doubt  (phrase)

 In a way that shows that something is completely certain

  • self-employed (adjective)

 To work for yourself

  • to take the plunge (phrase)

 To finally do something that might be important or difficult

  • to start out (phrasal verb)

 To start something work-related.