The wonderful world of Missoni


A few weeks ago I went to the Missoni exhibition in the Fashion and Textiles

Museum in Bermondsey, near London Bridge. If you don’t know Bermondsey

Street, I think it’s really worth a visit. It’s a great road to amble down on a

sunny Saturday as it’s packed with cafes, restaurants and little independent

shops. I met up with Josep, a close friend of mine from Barcelona and we caught

up over a coffee in a cosy corner of The B Street Deli. After we had emptied our

coffee cups and filled each other in on what we’d both been up to, we popped

across the road to see the show. Inside there was an explosion of colour, pattern

and texture. We had a peek into the creative world of the iconic fashion

designers through sketches, samples and works of art that they had made and

been influenced by. We walked past bright, bold paintings and an impressive

pyramid of manikins in knitwear greeted us in the main room. They stood

proudly in front of us in an array of zigzags, stripes and checks – the distinctive

Missoni style. It’s a great show and really highlights the parallels between

art, textiles and fashion.


Ottavio Missoni painting
Ottavio Missoni painting


  • to be worth (adjective)

Used for saying that there is a good reason for doing something.

  • to amble (verb)

To walk slowly in a relaxed way

  • to be packed with (phrase)

To be full of something

  • independent (adjective)

A shop that is self-managed, rather than being part of a chain. This word also has other meanings.

  • a close friend (adj + noun collocation)

Someone you know well and like a lot

  • to catch up (phrasal verb)

When two people tell each other their news. This phrasal verb also has other meanings.

  • to empty (your glass) (phrase)

To finish your drink.

  • to fill someone in (phrasal verb)

To tell somebody something

  • to be up to (phrase - informal)

This phrase is used to talk about what you have been doing with your time generally.

  • to pop across (phrasal verb)

 To go somewhere quickly

  • an explosion (noun)

 A large amount of something. This word also has other meanings.

  • to peek (verb)

To look at something.

  • iconic (adjective)

Famous and well-known

  • a sketch (noun)

A quick drawing

  • a sample (noun)

 A piece of fabric that gives you an idea of the final product. This word also has other meanings.

  • to be influenced by  (verb + prep)

To be affected by something /to get ideas from something

  • bold (adjective)

 A design that is clear, bright and contains strong colours. This word also had other meanings.

  • impressive (adjective)

 Something that you think is very good

  • a pyramid (noun)

 A shape with a square/triangular base that has three sloping sides that meet at a point at the top

  • knitwear (noun)

 Clothes that are made with wool (from sheep)

  • an array (noun)

 A lot of something

  • a zigzag (noun)

A pattern of alternating vertical lines, like this:  /\/\/\/\/\/\

  • stripes (noun)

A pattern with straight horizontal or vertical lines.

  • checks (noun)

 A pattern in which square are formed by vertical and horizontal lines crossing each other.

  • distinctive (adjective)

 Something that has a particular quality that makes it easy to recognise

  • to highlight (verb)

 To show clearly

  • the parallels (noun)

 The similarities between two or more things.