A new hairdo

Going to the hairdresser (ESHK salon in Farringdon)

I had my hair done recently at a cool salon in Farringdon called ESHK. One of

the perks of working for myself is that I can occasionally take an afternoon off

and make it up at the weekend. So I went midweek and managed to get a last-

minute appointment for a trim and a half head of highlights. My hairdresser,

Rocio, combed through my hair, mixed up the dye and then carefully applied the

colour to the strands of hair, wrapping the sections up in foils. I flicked through

magazines and we chatted away about this and that. After a wash and head

message, she trimmed my hair, cut off the split ends and blow-dried it curly. I

bounded out of the salon, pleased with my curly new locks!



  • A hairdo (noun)

A hairstyle (usually for women)

  • To have your hair done (phrase)

When someone cuts, colours or styles your hair

  • a salon (noun)

A place where you get your hair cut etc

  • the perks (noun)

Benefits that you get from a job etc

  • to take (a period of time) off (phrasal verb)

To arrange to have time away from work.

  • to make (something) up (phrasal verb)

To do the work another time

  • midweek (adj.)

In the middle of the week

  • last-minute (adj.)

Done just before something happens

  • a trim (noun)

When hair is cut at the ends

  • a half head (noun)

 The top half of your hair

  • highlights (noun)

 When some of your hair is dyed lighter

  •  to comb through (phrasal verb)

To make your hair neat and tidy with a comb

  •  to mix up (phrasal verb)

 To combine two substances thoroughly

  •  a strand (noun)

 A single hair (can also be used for thread etc)

  •  to wrap something up (phrasal verb)

 To cover completely

  •  foils (noun)

 Very thin sheets of metal cut into squares

  •  to flick through (phrasal verb)

 To read and turn the pages of a book/magazine

  •  to chat away (phrasal verb)

 To talk in an informal way for a period of time

  •  this and that (phrase)

 Various topics

  • to trim (verb)

 To cut a little off the ends

  •  split ends (noun)

 When the ends of your hair have separated

  •  to blow-dry (verb)

 To dry the hair with a hair dryer

  • to bound (verb)

 To go somewhere full of energy

  •  locks (noun)

 A person's hair