Moving forward

remain demonstation

Britain’s departure from the EU is a real talking point and everyone’s voicing

their opinion. I’ve overheard numerous conversations about current affairs this

week while travelling around London and I think that the chatter will continue

until our country starts sorting itself out. I actually don’t know anyone who

voted to leave and that was confirmed by the polls as the majority of Londoners

were intent on staying put.  I signed a petition for a second referendum, along

with 4 million other Brits but apparently that isn't on the cards. However, as

Richard Branson said , ‘now is not a time for further complaints and anger'.

Party politics has descended into a battlefield! Corbyn, the Labour party leader,

sacked one of his MPs when he found out that he was involved in a coup against

him and more than 45 others have resigned! A fierce race is now on for the Tory

party leadership. Boris is out of the picture now and the other candidates are

battling it out to see who will be the next prime minister.



  • a talking point (noun)

A popular subject to talk about.

  • to voice (verb)

To express your opinion about something.

  • to overhear (verb)

To hear what people or an individual say when you are not involve in the conversation.

  • current affairs (noun)

Political, social or economic events that are happening now.

  • chatter (noun)

Continuous talk.

  • to sort yourself out (phrasal verb)

To deal successfully with problems.

  • to be confirmed (verb - passive)

To be proven/ true.

  • a poll (noun)

The votes in an election (also has other meanings)

  • to stay put  (phrasal verb)

To stay somewhere, in one place.

  • a petition (noun)

 A form that people sign to change something.

  • a referendum (noun)

 An occasion in which citizens of a country can vote on a particular subject.

  • along with (phrase)

 In addition to.

  • on the cards (phrase)

 Likely to happen.

  • a battlefield (noun)

Somewhere people fight.

  • Labour (noun)

The Labour party. They traditionally have left-wing ideas.

  • a party (noun)

The Labour party. They traditionally have left-wing ideas.

  • to sack (verb)

To tell someone that they cannot work for you anymore, usually because they have done something wrong.

  • a coup (noun)

 A plan to remove someone from power (this word also has other meanings).

  • to resign (verb)

To leave a job.

  • fierce (adjective)

 Involving strong feelings (this word also has other meanings).

  • Tory (noun)

The Conservative party. They generally have right-wing ideas.

  • out of the picture (phrase)

 Not involved.

  • to battle something out (phrasal verb)

To compete until there is a winner.