Britain's out!

polling station

So Britain is to leave the EU. I was shocked when I heard the news this

morning. The leave campaign won with a mere 2% and the nation is divided as

Scotland, Northern Ireland and London overwhelmingly voted to remain. The

pound has plummeted and now the government have to try to do all that they

can to stabilise the situation in the markets. I feel that Britain will really lose

out by not being a part of the EU and it's a shame that we won't have a voice in

decisions made. The prime minister, David Cameron, has announced that he will

help to 'steady the ship' but doesn't believe that he should be the 'captain' that

steers our country to its next destination'. He'll stand down in October and 

so it's all change for Britain.



1. mere (adj.)

Used to emphasize how small something is

2. overwhelmingly (adv.)

In a way that is very strong

3. to plummet (verb)

To decrease significantly

4. stabilise (verb)

To make something stable and unlikely to change

5. lose out (phrasal verb)

To not get the benefit of something

6. shame (noun)

A reason to feel disappointed

7. to announce (verb)

To say publicly

8. steady the ship  (phrase)

To restore calm

9. to steer  (verb)

To control the direction of a vehicle

10. stand down (phrasal verb)

 To leave a position (to resign)

11. It's all change (phrase - informal)

 Things will be different