Football fever


So Euro 2016 is here and many of us are gripped by football fever! I managed to

catch the second half of the England v Wales match and it was a tense three

quarters of an hour! The score was one-nil to Wales at half time (they had

scored from a free kick) so I wasn't sure if England would pull through.

However, they really went for it and just kept persevering to get the ball in the

box. The crowds cheered as Jaimy Vardy brought England level but there was

some superb defending from Wales. Incredibly, Daniel Sturridge scored again in

stoppage time and the Three Lions were victorious. Let's see what happens




  • gripped (adj)   

To be affected strongly by something

  • fever (noun)    

A strong sense of excitement or enthusiasm that people feel.

  • to catch (verb-informal)    

 To watch, see or listen to something

  • three quarters of an hour (phrase)     

45 minutes

  • nil (noun)     


  • half time (noun)     

The 15 minute break in the middle of a match

  • to pull through (phrasal verb)     

To succeed in doing something difficult

  • to go for smth (phrasal verb)     

To put a lot of energy into trying to do something.

  • to persevere (verb)     

To try hard to do something

  • to get the ball in the box (phrase)     

To kick the ball into the goal

  • to cheer (verb)     

To shout loudly when supporting someone or a team

  • to bring level (phrase)      

To be at the same point as someone/something

  • defending (noun - gerund)     

To  protect your own goal(from the verb - defend)

  • to score (phrase)      

To kick the ball into the goal

  • the Three Lions (noun)     

The England football team

  • victorious (adj.)     

To be a winner