Have you been to Oblix

View from the Shard

It was my birthday recently and I felt like doing something a bit different. I’ve wanted to go up the Shard for a while now but at £25 a head, it seemed a bit pricey. Luckily, I heard through the grapevine that there’s another way! You can just go to the bar that’s on the 32nd floor. Ok so it’s not right at the top but the view is incredible and you can have a ‘Rum Rum Hula Hula’ or a ‘Pink Cadillac’ while you’re marvelling at the panorama.  The lift in itself is an experience as it goes at a rate of knots, taking you up in a flash.  The bar is swish and swanky but it doesn’t seem pretentious – it’s posh and proud and does everything to a T!  If you haven’t been, go on treat yourself…and let me know what you think.


  • for a while now  (phrase)

For some time

  • a head (phrase)

For each person

  • pricey  (adj.)


  • to hear through the grapevine (phrase)

To hear about something because other people have told you about it.

  • right at the top (phrase)

At the very top

  • to marvel (verb)

To be amazed or astonished by something.

  • panorama (noun)

A view of a large area.

  • in itself (phrase)

Used when you are talking about one particular thing.

  • at a rate of knots (phrase)

Very quickly

  • in a flash (phrase)

Very quickly

  • swish (adj.)

Smart and fashionable

  • swanky (adj.)

Stylish and expensive

  • pretentious (adj.)

Someone or something that is pretending to be something they are not.

  • to a T (phrase)

To perfection

  • treat yourself (phrase)

To give yourself a present or special experience.