I'd been pining for white walls since we moved into our flat at the end of March! I found the cream and maroon colour combo in the sitting room a little hard to take and the purple and grey floral wallpaper in the hall was oppressive to say the least! I just love the purity and simplicity of white walls and the fact that they act as a base that you can jazz up with different colours. Unfortunately, Alessandro doesn't share my view and so we were at loggerheads about it! He said that he finds white a bit clinical and prefers warmer colours that have a cosier feel. I could see his point but I had my heart set on redecorating! I have to admit that I did go on at him a bit but he chivalrously gave in and so I spent the weekend up a ladder with a paintbrush and roller!


  • to pine for (phrasal verb)

To want something very much (it can also mean to miss someone and want to be with them)

  • maroon (adj.)

A dark red colour

  • colour combo (noun - slang)

Colour combination

  • hard to take (phrase)

Difficult to accept

  • oppressive (adj.)

An oppressive colour is too strong and overwhelming.

  • to say the least (phrase)

Used for saying that you are not exaggerating and could say something in a stronger way.

  • to jazz up  (phrasal verb)

To make something more interesting or exciting

  • at loggerheads (phrase)

A situation in which people have very different opinions.

  • clinical (adj.)

Cold and lacking emotion

  • to have your heart set on smth (phrase)

 To really want something

  • to go on at someone (phrase)

 To continue asking or telling someone something

  • chivalrously (adverb)

If a man is chivalrous he behaves in a way that is kind and polite, showing respect to women.

  • to give in (phrasal verb)

 To agree to something

  • a roller (noun)

 A cylinder attached to a handle that you use to apply paint.