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The Ranelagh pub bounds green
The Ranelagh pub bounds green

The other day we came across our local and discovered that it's pretty special. It's called The Ranelagh (pronounced The Ran-lee or The Ran-uh-luh depending who you ask!) It's been around since 1860 and is steeped in history and bursting with character. It's a typical cosy London watering hole with a twist of sophistication. The beer garden is a real suntrap and I'm looking forward to sipping a half on a summer's day. They've got a great range of beers on tap, from craft brews to cask ales. If you're in north London and fancy a tipple,I definitely recommend popping into this pub.



  • to come across (phrasal verb)

To find something

a local (noun)

A pub that is near where you live that you often go to

  • to be around for (phrase)

To exist for a certain amount of time

  • steeped in (phrase)

To have a lot of a particular quality

  • bursting with (adj.)

To be very full of something

a watering hole (noun)

A pub or bar

  • a twist of  (phrase)

An element that makes something different

  • a suntrap (noun)

A sunny place

  • to sip (verb)

To drink in small amounts

  • a half (noun)

 Half a pint of beer

  • on tap (phrase)

From a pipe that is connected to a barrel.

  • craft brews (noun)

 Beers that are made in a small brewery

  • cask ales (noun)

 Unfiltered/ unpasteurised beer (also known as real ale)

a tipple (noun)

 A alcoholic drink

  • to pop in (phrasal verb)

 To go somewhere often spontaneously without plans.