Sleeping beauties


I went to see two beautiful baby girls last week! A friend of mine gave birth at the end of April and my niece was born a week last Friday! The are both so little and have teeny weeny fingers and toes. They spend their days feeding, snoozing and gazing out at the world as they get used to their new surroundings. I saw both mums-to be while they were pregnant and it's such an incredible feat of nature that their 'bumps' are now living, breathing bundles of joy. They were both as light as a feather and I found out that babies can get hiccups too!


  • to give birth (phrase)

To have a baby

  • a week last + day of the week (phrase)

Seven days before the day that you state

  • teeny weeny (adj.)

Very small

  • to feed (verb)

When a baby drink's milk

  • to snooze (verb)

To sleep

  • to gaze out (phrasal verb)

To look at something for a long time in a dreamy way

  • to get used to (phrase)

 To become familiar with

  • a mum-to-be (mother-to-be) (adj.)

A woman that is going to have a baby

  • a feat (noun)

Something that is impressive

  • a bump (noun)

The round shape of a woman's stomach when she is pregnant

  • a bundle of joy (noun. informal)

 A baby

  • as light as a feather (idiom)

To weigh very little

  • hiccups (noun)

 A repeated sound in the throat that usually lasts for a few minutes.