Home sweet home

home sweet home

After many years of living without a garden, I now have some outside space and love it! Last Saturday I mowed the lawn, had lunch in the sun with my mum and sister and pottered around in my new favourite space. I have to admit that I don't have very green fingers but luckily my sister-in-law's mum is over from Russia and she's going to pass on some of her horticultural wisdom. We've got an absolutely ginormous, award-winning garden centre nearby that has plants and flowers galore! I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and creating my own mini oasis!


  • to mow (verb)

To cut grass with a machine

  • a lawn (noun)

An area of grass in a garden

  • to potter around (phrasal verb)

To do things in a slow, enjoyable way

  • to have green fingers (noun)

To be good at gardening

  • sister-in-law (noun)

Your brother's wife

  • to be over (phrasal verb)

To be in a particular place e.g in a country/city

  • to pass on  (phrase)

 To share knowledge

  • horticultural (adj.)

Related to gardening

  • wisdom (noun)


  • ginormous (adj. slang)

A very big place

  • award-winning (adj.)

 Something (or someone) that has won prizes

  • to have smth galore (phrase)

To have a lot of something

  • to get stuck in (adjective)

 To get involved in a particular activity with energy and enthusiasm

  • oasis(noun)

 This can describe an area with trees in a desert but it can also be used to describe a place that is much more peaceful than the area that surrounds it.