Who's going to win?


So who's going to be walking proudly down the wonderful spiral staircase at City Hall? I'm writing this on Thursday evening and polling stations around the country will soon be closing.There are elections all over the country but as I'm a Londoner I'm most interested in who's going to be London's next mayor. From what I've gathered, it will be a close call between Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith, the Labour and Conservative candidates respectively. They couldn't be more different and are like chalk and cheese. Sadiq is the son of a bus driver while Zac's father was a billionaire. They are both, however, very concerned with London's housing crisis and intent on easing the issue by building more affordable homes on brownfield sites and leaving the green belt well alone.



  • spiral staircase (noun)

A staircase that goes round and round

  • City Hall (noun)

The headquarters of the mayor of London and the London Assembly.

  • a polling station (noun)

 A place where people to go vote

  • an election (noun)

An occasion when people choose someone for a position, usually a political position.

  • mayor (noun)

The head of a city

  • to gather smth (verb)

to understand from what you've heard

  • a close call  (phrase)

When used to talk about politics, this means that the more than one person has a strong chance of winning.

  • a candidate (noun)

Someone  competing in an election

  • respectively (adverb)

Used to say something is in the same order as the people/things already mentioned.

  • chalk and cheese (idiom)

Completely different

  • crisis (noun)

An urgent situation

  • to ease (verb)

To make something better

  • brownfield (adjective)

Used to describe an area of land that was used for industrial purposes in the past.

  • green belt (noun)

 A protective area of countryside that surrounds a city