Porky pies


Today is April Fool's Day you have until midday to lark about and create mischief! So, have you played any jokes, told any porkies or do you prefer not to go in for such foolhardiness? Apparently this day is celebrated all over the world and has medieval origins but didn't catch on in Britain until the 18th century. I've been reading about some funny pranks that people have played on each other, from replacing a keyboard for one filled with cress to filling doughnuts with mayonnaise! However, I think the best hoax was by the BBC in 1957. They made up a wonderful story about Spaghetti being harvested in an Italian-speaking region of Switzerland!


  • to lark about (phrasal verb)

 To have fun by joking and playing around

  • mischief (noun)

To cause trouble, although not usually serious

  • porkies (noun)

Lies (cockney rhyming slang - porky pies = lies)

  • foolhardiness (noun)

Silliness or stupidity

  • origins (noun)

The roots of something, the point at which it started

  • catch on (phrasal verb)

To become popular

  • pranks (noun)

A joke/trick that surprises someone

  • cress (noun)

 A plant that grows very quickly and is used in

  • hoax (noun)

Something said or announced that isn't true

  • to make up (phrasal verb)

To invent a story

  • to harvest (verb)

The time of year when the crops (plants) are collected to be eaten or sold.