Easter frolics


The sun is streaming through the window this morning and I think spring has finally arrived! It feels great to have some sunshine after the cold grey winter months. The crocuses in the park are in bloom, the birds are chirping and we'll soon have lighter evenings when the clocks go forward on Sunday. I used to go to Cornwall at Easter with my family and I associate this time of year with sandy beaches, crashing waves and of course, Easter eggs! We used to hollow out real eggs by making a tiny pinprick and blowing the white and the yolk through the hole - we'd then spend hours decorating them and as my mum's an artist, she had beautiful boxes of watercolours and delicate brushes to hand. We'd also hard-boil eggs, dip them in dye and go egg rolling down grassy hills, competing to see whose egg would come first!


  • to stream (verb)

When the sun shines brightly

  • a crocus (noun)

A small yellow, white or purple spring flower

  • in bloom (phrase)

When flowers are fully open

  • to chirp (verb)

The sound that birds make

  • the clocks go forward  (phrase)

When the time changes by one hour in the UK

  • crashing (adj.)

The sound the waves make as they hit the shore

  • hollow out (phrasal verb)

To make something empty inside

  • a pinprick (noun)

A tiny hole made with a pin

  • watercolours (noun)

A type of paint that you mix with water

  • to hand (phrase)

Something that is nearby and available to use

  • dip (verb)

To put something into liquid for a short time

  • egg rolling (noun)

A traditional Easter game played in Britain in which people roll eggs down a hill. Each person colours their egg ti identify it and the winner is the person whose egg remains intact.