A frantic week


Unfortunately the flat that we were going to rent fell through because the landlord changed his mind and decided not to rent it out after all! Luckily we got our holding fee back but we had quite a frantic week looking for somewhere. Our landlady needed us out by the 17th March as she had sold the flat and so we had a race against time! My mailbox was flooded with e-mails from estate agents as we started another viewing marathon. In the end, I'm pleased to say that we found an even better place. It has a lovely big garden at the back so my plans for summer sunbathing and BBQ's are still on!


to fall through (phrasal verb)

When something fails to happen

to change your mind (phrase)

To change a decision

to get smth back (phrasal verb)

To have something returned

holding fee (noun)

An amount of money that you pay to secure a property

frantic (adj.)

Extremely worrying and stressful

a race against time (phrase)

When you have to do something in a limited amount of time

mailbox (phrase)

The place on your computer where your e-mails are stored

to be flooded (verb)

To be full of something

marathon (noun)

This word usually refers to a race but it can also be used for an activity that requires a lot of energy and determination.

to be on (phrasal verb)

 To be happening