A sunny Sunday


8th April 2016

The sun was out so we went off to a local farmers' market at Ally Pally last Sunday. It's said to be the best in London and it certainly lived up to its name. It was bustling with people and our mouths were watering as delicious aromas wafted past us. We passed stalls full of cured, smoked and fresh meats, local cheeses and piles of seasonal, organic fruit and veg. The artisan breads and beautiful little tarts and pastries also caught my eye. We sampled some of the produce, including some extremely tasty British dry cured salame and then stocked up on goodies and headed back home to light the BBQ.



  • to go off to (phrasal verb)

 Leave to go somewhere

  • farmer (noun)

 Someone who owns or manages a farm

  • Ally Pally (noun- abbreviation)

 Alexandra Palace

  • live up to its name (phrase)

 To be as good as expected

  • bustling (adj.)

 Full of people, noise and activity in a positive way

  • to water (mouth)  (verb)

 If your mouth is watering, saliva forms in your mouth because you are hungry

  • An aroma (noun)

 A pleasant smell

  • to waft (verb)

 To move gently through the air

  • a stall (noun)

A table or small shop that people sell things from

  • cured (adj.)

Preserved with smoke, salt or heat

  • a pile (noun)

 A large number of things placed on top of each other

  • artisan (adj.)

Handmade by someone who is skilled

  • to catch s.o's eye (phrase)

To notice something

  • to sample (verb)

To eat a small amount of something

  • produce (noun)

Things made or grown, particularly from farmers

  • tasty (adj.)

Something that tastes very good

  • to stock up (phrasal verb)

To buy a lot of something

  • goodies (noun)

Things that are nice to eat

  • to head back (phrasal verb)

 To return