Magnets and magic mirrors

business cards 1

I went to a breakfast networking event on Wednesday. My business cards were hot off the press and I was ready to mingle with other entrepreneurs. It can be a little nerve-wracking to walk into a room full of people you don't know but you soon get chatting to people. We didn't have to do a pitch and I liked the laid back atmosphere. I met a lady who has a company called 'Magnet Mouse', that makes magnetic clothes for babies and a guy with a start up called 'iReflekt', that is creating a smart mirror that  doubles up as a computer screen (I think having a mirror on my phone could come in handy!) I also chatted to an Italian psychic and a guy that had decided to pack in his corporate job and start afresh.


  • hot off the press (phrase)                        

When something has just been printed

  • to mingle (verb)                                        

To move around and talk to lots of people

  • an entrepreneur (noun)                            

Someone who has their own business or many businesses

  • nerve-wracking (adj.)                               

Something that makes you feel nervous or anxious

  • a pitch  (noun)                                           

To talk about a business with the intention of getting others to buy from you or support you.  It is sometimes common to do a 1 minute pitch at networking events.

  • laid-back (adj)                                            

Calm and relaxed

  • magnetic (adj.)                                           

To be made with magnets

  • smart (adj.)                                  

Something that is improved by the use of technology.

  • to double up as (phrasal verb)                  

Something that has another use

  • come in handy (phrase)                              

To be useful

  • pack in (phrasal verb)                                 

To stop doing something, especially a job

  • corporate (adj)                                            

Related to a large company

  • start afresh (phrase)                          

To start again Exercise