Have you seen it?

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Although I don't really go in for action movies, I loved 'Spectre', the new Bond film. I don't want to babble on and give the whole thing away if you're planning to see it, so I'll just give you the bare minimum. The film follows 007 as he uncovers the secrets of a sinister organisation, while the future of the entire secret service is under threat. It begins in the midst of Mexico City on The Day of the Dead and the streets are teeming with caricatures of death, skeletons dressed up to the nines! Bond gets into some hairy moments with the baddies and there's plenty of suspense, as well as, of course, romance.


  • to go in for (phrasal verb)                          

To like something

  • to babble on (phrasal verb)                       

To talk too much

  • to give away (phrasal verb)                       

To reveal the whole story

  • the bare minimum  (phrase)                      

The basic facts

  • sinister  (adj.)                                              

Evil or criminal

  • under threat (phrase)                                 

To be in danger

  • in the midst of (phrase)                              

To be in the middle 

  • The Day of the Dead (name)                      

Dia de los Muertos (a Mexican festival)

  • teeming (adj.)                                              

To be full of

  • caricatures (noun)                                       

A comic or grotesque imitation of something

  • skeletons (noun)                                        

The set of bones that support a human or animal

  • dressed up to the nines (phrase)              

To be wearing very fashionable or smart clothes

  • hairy (adj.)                                                    


  • baddies (noun)                                            

People in the film who are nasty / evil

  • suspense (noun)                                          

Excitement as you wait to find out what happens