Ruby Tuesday


I went to see a fantastic contemporary ballet by Rambert dance company, at  Sadler's Wells last Friday. It was the first time that I'd seen a show like that and I was transfixed. The dancers were so well choreographed that they glided across  the stage, swirling around and they seemed to complement each others moves  perfectly. The first part was inspired by a Picasso painting and they danced around two gigantic shards of glass. The second part was charged with emotion as the dancers acted out a passionate and emotional scene between a couple based on a poem. The third part was a little different and just pure fun! The dancers strutted their stuff to some of the Stones' most well-known tracks and we all just felt like jumping on stage and joining them!


  • transfixed (adj.)                                              

To be very interested in something so that you can't keep your eyes off it

  • choreographed (verb passive)                      

The way in which their movements are planned

  • to glide across (phrasal verb)                        

To move smoothly across a surface

  • to swirl around (phrasal verb)                        

To move in a circular way

  • to complement  (verb)                                     

To work well together

  • a shard (noun)                                                    

A piece of glass

  • charged with emotion (phrase)                      

To be very emotional

  • to act out (phrasal verb)                                  

To express something through actions

  • to strut one's stuff (verb passive)                    

To dance in a confident, expressive way

  • Stones(adj.)                                                        

The Rolling Stones

  • well-known (noun)