Misty London

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A dense fog descended on London last Sunday and familiar landmarks faded and vanished into its eery stillness. It was very atmospheric and seemed to take you back to a bygone era when London was enveloped in a smoggy haze. Some travellers were stranded at airports as airlines cancelled flights due to poor visibility. I overheard a little girl excitedly telling her mum that everything was 'invisible' as she looked in wonder at the mist. There was a definitely fairytale  beauty to The Big Smoke!



  • dense (adj.)                                                    

A very compact substance

  • to descend (verb)                                          

To come down    

  • a landmark (noun)                                        

A famous building or object

  • to fade (verb)                                                

To become less clear

  • to vanish (verb)                                             

To disappear

  • eerie (adj.)                                                      

Strange and mysterious

  • take back (phrasal verb)                                

To make you think of a time in the past

  • bygone (noun)                                                

A long time ago

  • enveloped (verb passive)                              

To be covered

  • smoggy (adj.)                                                  

With lots of smoke and fog

  • haze (noun)                                                    

Air that is difficult to see through

  • stranded (verb passive)                                  

To be stuck in a place

  • visibility (noun)                                              

Being able to see clearly

  • to overhear (verb)                                          

To hear someone talking

  • invisible (adj.)                                                

Something that cannot be seen.

  • mist (noun)                                                      


  • fairytale (adj.)                                                  

Resembling a fairytale (a magical story for children) 

  • The Big Smoke (noun)