Along the towpath...

canal boats

I love running and I’ve just got back into it. I like going first thing when the sun’s still low and there’s dew on the grass. I throw on my running gear and head off to the park. I run past the narrow boats, along the towpath, dodge the cyclists and breath in the sweet smell of woodsmoke. I'm not a pro and get out of breath after a while but I enjoy it and find that it's a great way to start the day. After a while, my muscles start screaming 'STOP' but I push on through the pain, sprinting for the last few minutes before giving in. I then head back home and treat myself to a nice, big breakfast and a mug of steaming hot tea.



  • to get back into smth (phrasal verb)          

To start doing something that you used to do again.

  • first thing (phrase)                                       

Early in the morning    

  • dew (noun)                                                    

Water that naturally forms on the ground overnight

  • to throw on (phrasal verb)                          

To put clothes on

  • to head off (phrasal verb)                             

To go somewhere

  • narrow boats (noun)                                    

Canal boats

  • a towpath (noun)                                          

A path by a canal

  • to dodge (verb)                                            

To move out of the way of something

  • woodsmoke (noun)                                      

Smoke that's created from burning wood

  • a pro (noun)                                                    

A professional

  • out of breath (phrase)                                  

When you breath fast because you have been running

  • push on through (phr. verb)                        

To continue although something is difficult

  • sprinting (verb)                                              

To run very fast on your toes

  • to give in (phrasal verb)                                

To stop doing something that you have been trying to do

  • to head back (phrasal verb)                          

To go back home or to another place 

  • to treat myself to (verb + prep)                    

To have something special

  • a mug (noun)                                                  

A cup

  • steaming (adj.)                                              

When something is very hot and giving off vapour