Autumn is here

autumn leaves 1

Autumn is here - it's starting to feel chilly and the days are getting shorter. I love this time of year as the leaves turn golden and you can feel that Christmas is on its way. It brings back childhood memories of collecting conkers, catching leaves in the park and hollowing out pumpkins! On Halloween, we'd go trick-or-treating, dressed up as witches, ghosts and ghouls and come home laden with chocolate and sweets!  There's also the fifth of November, which I still love and we usually go to Blackheath, wrapped up warm to watch the spectacular array of fireworks that light up the sky.


autumn (noun)                                      

The season between summer and winter

chilly (adj.)                                            

To be cold    

turn (verb)                                            

To change and become another colour

is on its way (phrase)                          

To be coming 

to bring back (phr. verb)                      

To remind you of something

conker (noun)                                        

A shiny brown seed that comes from a horse chestnut tree

hollow out (phr. verb)                            

To remove the inside

Halloween (noun)                                  

A yearly celebration on 31st October

Trick-or-treating (noun)                        

A halloween tradition in which children knock or people's doors asking for treats

Ghouls (noun)                                        

An evil spirit or phantom

laden (adj.)                                            

Carrying something heavy

wrap up (phr. verb)                                

To put warm clothes on 

array (noun)                                            

A lot of something

light up (phrasal verb)                            

To become light or bright